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1 cup water

1 cup milk

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup melted butter

1 teaspoon salt

1 cup whole-grain grits

1 cup grated sharp Cheddar cheese

Bring the water, milk, cream, butter and salt to a low boil. Add the grits, stirring rapidly on medium heat. Stir and watch for 20 minutes, being careful not to let the grits stick. Stir in the chesse, pour the grits into a crock-pot or a double broiler, and continue cooking for a least 1 hour.


Variation: The classic ration is four parts liquid to one part grits. Sometimes I like to cook the grits in duck stock if they are accompanying roasted quail for example. Grits cooked in half water and half thin red-eye gravy is a spectacular surprise at breakfast